On Vaccines

Posted on Nov 9, 2021

On Vaccine So Called

Fully vaccinated – what’s that supposed to mean? You’re either pregnant or not, dead or alive. You can’t be fully pregnant or fully dead. Words supposed to have meanings. Without meaning, communication is impossible. Thinking is impossible. Vaccine used to have a meaning. A vaccinated person used to mean something different to what it means today. In the past, when you get a vaccine, you become vaccinated. For life. If you’re not, as it is today, then what they inject you with is not a vaccine.

On Black and White

People say nothing is black and white, they say it’s gray, not black and white. I disagree. Gray has a meaning. Whatever is gray, is either true or false (that is – black and white). Every proposition, no matter how complex, can be reduced to a simple one with true or false outcome. Everything is black and white.